Government announce plans to boost teacher recruitment


The government’s recent announcement outlines a series of measures aimed at enhancing recruitment and retention in the teaching profession. The key points include:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Support: A new investment of £1.5 million has been allocated to deliver a three-year mental health and wellbeing support package for school and college leaders. This will provide professional supervision and counseling to at least 2,500 leaders, addressing the mental health challenges faced by educators.
  • Guidance on Bullying and Harassment: The government is committing to publish new guidance for schools, expected to be completed in spring, on how to prevent and tackle bullying and harassment of school staff. This measure aims to create a positive and respectful working environment for teachers.
  • Workload Reduction Taskforce: A cross-cutting group, the Workload Reduction Taskforce, consisting of unions, teachers, and sector leaders, has agreed on early recommendations to help reduce teacher workload. The goal is to encourage education staff wellbeing and reduce teachers’ and leaders’ working week by five hours within the next three years. Final recommendations will be submitted in Spring 2024.
  • Public Sector Productivity Programme: The measures align with the Public Sector Productivity Programme, led by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury and the Chancellor. This program aims to cut administrative burdens, safely leverage Artificial Intelligence, and deliver early interventions to relieve pressure on public services.
  • Salary Commitments: The government highlights its commitment to improving teachers’ salaries, with the starting salary for new teachers set at a minimum of £30,000. This follows the highest pay award for teachers in over thirty years.
  • Education Staff Wellbeing Charter: The government emphasies its dedication to the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter, with over 3,000 schools and colleges adopting the charter. The update on progress includes embedding staff workload and wellbeing considerations into government decisions and measuring and responding to changes in staff wellbeing.
  • Now Teach Contract Renewal: The government has renewed its contract with Now Teach, valued at £1.5 million, to support career changers entering teaching. This initiative aims to bring in talented and experienced professionals from other fields into the teaching profession.

These measures are designed to address concerns raised by teachers and school leaders and contribute to making teaching an attractive and rewarding profession while also improving the overall well-being of educators.


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