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Why are actors turning becoming Teaching Assistants in between jobs?


You may be surprised to hear that many actors take on teaching assistant roles or other part-time jobs in between acting jobs to supplement their income and gain more job stability. It’s actually very logistical when you think of it, acting is a highly competitive and often unpredictable profession, with many actors experiencing periods of unemployment between gigs. During these downtime periods, becoming a teaching assistant or engaging in other part-time work can provide financial stability and offer a flexible schedule that allows them to attend auditions and pursue their acting careers. Working for an agency like Class Education will give you flexibility and control.  You can continue with your first passion but at the same time know your financially secure in-between by taking on supply work as a teaching assistant.

Some actors might have a background in teaching or a related field, making them well-suited to become teaching assistants. Others may take on roles as substitute teachers or work in educational settings as tutors or mentors. Teaching assistant positions can be particularly appealing because they often involve working with students and young people, which can be a rewarding experience and provide a sense of fulfilment in between acting projects.

Additionally, some actors are passionate about education and enjoy the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with others. This can make teaching assistant roles a natural fit for them. Overall, becoming a teaching assistant or taking on other part-time work is a practical and common choice for actors looking to support themselves while pursuing their acting careers.

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