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Why should I become a teacher? Here are 20 reasons


Talk to all the teachers you know, and you’ll find that very few regret their choice of career. If you’ve been wondering, “Should I become a teacher?” consider this your sign.

1. No two days are the same

Your life as a teacher will be full of variety. Not only will you meet new students every year, you’ll also get to change up your lessons, upgrade your teaching style, and introduce new topics.

2. You’ll get to learn as well as teach.

Teaching is a great way to learn, and you’ll have the opportunity to keep up to date with new breakthroughs in your subject and think deeply about it in response to students’ questions. You’ll also learn how to run school clubs, counsel students, and many other skills that have nothing to do with your subject.

3. You’ll change lives

A good teacher can change your life – after all, what made you think of becoming a teacher? This is your opportunity to give back. You’ll be able to be a role model and a mentor for kids who need it, and to influence the next generation to become their best selves.

4. It’s incredibly rewarding

If you love learning, getting to pass it on is its own reward. Nothing is more exciting than getting your students fired up about your subject and helping them grow as people, discover their passion, and achieve their goals.

5. You’ll be able to work all over the world

As an English-speaking teacher, you’re very much needed in the UK, but you’ll also be in demand in almost every country in the world. You can get paid to travel and meet students from different cultures.

6. You can be endlessly creative

Most jobs don’t offer much room for creativity, but as a teacher, you get to be continuously creative and find new ways to spark your students’ interest with fun intellectual challenges.

7. It’s a secure career

With more and more children to teach, the need for teachers is growing, and the government is making efforts to attract and retain more teachers. In today’s uncertain world, a teaching career is one of the most secure options out there.

8. You’ll meet great people

Teaching is highly social – as well as getting to know your students, you’ll also bond with other teachers who share your passion, some of whom will become friends for life.

9. You get to choose how you work

While you do have to follow the curriculum, you get to be in charge of how you follow it. You can design your own lesson plans and bring your own personality into everything you do.

10. You can help kids navigate a confusing world

As you meet students from all walks of life, you’ll get to understand today’s society better and help young people develop the critical thinking skills, curiosity and courage they’ll need to navigate a complex future. With so much disinformation online, that young people need a trustworthy mentor to help them sort fact from fiction

11. You’ll get plenty of time off

Remember how long the summer holidays were when you were at school? Become a teacher, and you’ll be able to enjoy those long summer days with your own kids – not to mention Christmas, Easter, and half-term.

12. You’ll be changing the world long after you’re gone

Kids look up to their teachers. The most important reason there is to become a teacher is to teach them not to accept the default. Show them that they can change the world, and give them the tools and strategies they need to do so.

13. You’ll never lose touch

If you don’t want to become a dinosaur, spending your days around young people is a sure way to stay in touch with current fashion, music and language.

14. You could inspire your colleagues too

New teachers bring new energy, new ideas, and new ways of working that can revitalise an entire staff team. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and it’s needed now more than ever before.

15. You could help someone discover their calling

By recognising and nurturing your students’ interests, you could help someone find their lifelong passion – and they’ll always remember that you were the one who started it.

19. There is constant laughter.

Learning is fun – including for the teacher! Playful banter between you and your students can be an absolute delight.

20. The “thank-yous” mean a lot.

When a student or parent tells you how much your teaching has meant to them, it can be hard to hold back tears. It’s moments like this that make you proud to be a teacher.

If the idea of becoming a teacher inspires you, get in touch today to discover how we can help you get started on your career.

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